Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's keep going ... and going .... and g o i n g .....

I would certainly like to see the monthly challenge continue -- and just maybe, an occasional surprise mid-month challenge, if someone comes up with a cool theme. Maybe such challenges should be passed through Cynthia first, just to avoid having them too much like one of the upcoming challenges.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Year 6 - What do you want to do?

Year 5 of FFFC is coming to a close with the August 26th challenge and it's time to consider Year 6.

Do we want to continue the group? do we want to start a new group with a new focus? Do we want to evolve into something other than fast monthly challenges? I'm willing to continue to facilitate another year if there is interest.

Let's get a discussion going about what we want to do!

Please weigh in on the above questions as well as some of these:

  • Do we want to continue, change our focus, continue as is, invite new members, ask for a level of participation commitment from members (1 to 12 challenges)?

  • What do we want to do for our program…structured studies, random challenges, focus on art history or design principles or personal goals or ?? What topics are you personally interested in?

  • Should we go to quarterly challenges or keep it monthly or do 52 or 365 challenges next year?

  • What do you personally want to get out of your participation in FFFC? What are your goals and how does FFFC fit with those?

  • What do you like and dislike about FFFC now? What would like to see changed?
Looking forward to all feedback...dream big, think outside the box, consider your needs!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fast Friday "pre-made" postings

I find that I am annoyed when someone posts a response to a Fast Friday challenge with a piece that had already been made. It doesn't matter whether I am actually planning to submit something myself, or just that someone else got in with the first posting. What bothers me is that it is not actually something made that was inspired by that challenge, however closely it seems to fit. We're not running a race to see who can post first; we are trying to delve into aspects of art that maybe not all of us are familiar with, to possibly branch out into a new area.

It may be that the current challenge is something quite familiar, fits right in with our style, whatever it may be, and all the elements fit together so that within a few days we have something new. For some challenges, we hit a complete block and can't get into it. All this is okay. And sometimes other events get in the way, and we make and post a response months later - even years later. That's fine.

But to post a previously completed project -- that is not a response to a challenge, as I see it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting to know you...

With the first of year 5 challenge coming next week... and a full weekend of introductions on the FFFC Group, it has been an exciting time. Through it all, I have observed one thing...
I carefully studied the blogs and websites I could and what I found is this... our personalities really come out in our artwork. I understand so much better the work of those I have participated with during the last 4 years. Studying the works of those I could of the new members, I have to say it is really exciting 'getting to know you' through your work. Seems like we can say all we want about ourselves, yet our artwork says more than words can...
Did you? or Have you? noticed this?
Inquiring minds want to know....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some thoughts on the nature of an art challenge...

Terry Grant posted some interesting thoughts on the 12 x 12 blog about their type of challenge...under the subject headline.. and I just thought they were worth a read...actually it even touchs on some of the comments we have had on this blog... (scroll down to the Friday September 10th entry)

Maybe we can discuss this, too...
do you have any thoughts?

Featured Artists: Whimsical and Folk Art

One of the most beloved art styles is Folk Art or Whimsy, like from some of the more famous folk artists -Grandma Moses, Charley Harper and Maud Lewis below

Our FFFC challenges have produced alot of folk art and whimsical pieces and they always make us smile!

Crane by Marilyn Foulke for Challenge 38

Meena's piece for Challenge 42 titled Costa Rica Rainforest

Let the Sunshine In by Betty Donahue for Challenge 48

Deep in the Woods by Janice Simpson for Challenge 45

Jane Stricker's tropical quilt for Challenge 42

Still Life by Rhoda Forbes for Challenge 41

A Whisper in the Grasses by Jeanne Knudsen for Challenge 41

Waggle Dance by Carole Grant for Challenge 41

The Sky is Falling by Cherie Brown

My Inner Kitty by barngirlstamper for Challenge 38

Bubba by Wendy Wetzel for Challenge 38

Cow Girls at Sunflower Ranch by Sandy Snowden for Challenge 38

Michele's Rainbow Birds for Challenge 38

Meena's Peacocks for Challenge 38

Moon Song by Donna Blum for Challenge 38

Blue Bird of Happiness by Candy Farmer for Challenge 38

Chair with a View by Kathy Walker for Challenge 35

Whimsy by Pam Harris for Challenge 34

Walking the Dog on a Parisian Windy Day by Rhoda Forbes for Challenge 31

Sign of Spring by Nancy Schegel

Snowwoman by Katie Wilson for Challenge 28

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Featured Artists: Art Style - Impressionistic

The Impressionistic style gives us the feeling of a glimpse of something...softened edges, little detail and that wonderful light. Monet's painting, Sunrise, shown here was one of the first that started the movement.

Lots of impressionistic art quilts have shown up for our FFFC challenges:

Serenity by Valerie Wilson for Challenge 26

The Grande Grand by Chris Predd for Challenge 46

Bargello Bears by Linda MacDonald for Challenge 46

High Water Mark by Tobi Hoffman for Challenge 42

Spirit Horses by Linda MacDonald for Challenge 42

Through the Fog by Jan Johnson for Challenge 36

Tidepools and Kelp Beds by Carole Grant for Challenge 32

Fred by Della for Challenge 27

Woodpile by Jo Rice for Challenge 27

Window Wonder by Cherie Brown for Challenge 19

Poppies by Cynthia Ann Morgan for Challenge 24

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Featured Artists: Art Style - Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is characterized by feelings and emotions, spontaneity and expressive gestures. Some famous abstract expressionists are Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still. Love it or hate it ... you have to admit it is INTERESTING. Especially interesting are the edges of the lines and shapes created.

Here are some of the FFFC artists who showed us some of their own abstract expressionism:
Less is More by Brenda Jennings for Challenge 23

Hazelnut Creme by Rhojo Baldwin for Challenge 48

Betty Warner's piece for Challenge 40

An Unstill Life by Chris Smith for Challenge 43

Somewhere Out There by Chris Predd for Challenge 37

Symbol by Marie J for Challenge 25

Different by Anna Koziol for Challenge 28

Paint Drip on Old Wall by Cynthia Ann Morgan for Challenge 23

Turkey Tracks by Penny Irwin for Challenge 23

Winter Bark by Cherie Brown for Challenge 27

White Hot Sunspots by Janice Paine Dawes for Challenge 37