Sunday, November 15, 2009

The one, single, biggest problem, is that people don’t take their creative lives seriously

Or so says Rice Freeman-Zachery in her book: Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art

If you struggle with excuses, procrastination or not enough time, you HAVE to read this interview with her:

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  1. I'll tell you - since I started back to school this year - I pledged that my creative life would take a priority in my life. You know what I found out? That my house was falling down around me. Now mind you - I'm not a neat freak - plus there are only 3 of us here but still I can't create if the house is a disaster. So what I've learned in the last two months is balance. I keep my TV watching to less than 2 hours, my housework to less than two hours and I try to do something creative for 2 hours everyday. Also I'm striving to sleep 7 hours a night - which is harder than it seems some days! Without something so structured in my mind - one or another (usually NOT the housework LOL!) gets all out of balance. Anyways - its working - all aspects of my life seem better. Its funny that this advice first came to me 32 years ago from an ancient biology nun I had - she said "Remember the Holy Father says - Everything in moderation" - we all looked at her strange then but she sure was a smart bird!