Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another thought for FFFC year 5

Giving this a lot of thought, I am making another suggestion as a possiblity for our challenges,
that being something in the 'narrative'....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

5th year FFFC

I have to say my most favorite of all was the 'series' we did in year 3.
And, I will go back to making more 'Moons'.
I commented on Cynthia's query about using the Challenge as a study or a skill enhancing effort. If we were to do something like that... how about with an end view goal in mind... such as for the August challenge, we each make something using the 'benefits' of the years challenges in, say, a predetermined size.. which we would then put up in show form like the QA15?
Is that too ambitious?

What do you personally want from FFFC?

With year 4 coming to a close in a few months, it's time to consider what year 5 will look like. Let's gather our ideas and talk about it here!

What are your creativity goals and how can you use the FFFC group to pursue them?


Where is everyone.... post #2

I thought it, but forgot to write it.... Many of us get caught up in 'life'... and the stresses that it can bring. Stress can also put the squeeze on creativity... ask me how I know that one! ha
I have a suggestion tho'.... everyone that is signed up on this group Challenge gets the notice of the Challenge and has access to the digest, correct? So... how about if we make it a goal, that if we cannot participate, we will at least go to the blog and post comments, thus cheering on those who can participate. Is that worthy of consideration?
As Cynthia has said, late is OK... but have you noticed... late doesn't seem to bring comments? So, yes.. late is OK, especially when it has to be late... I have been known to procrastinate, cogitating the challenge, seeing it in different ways, then not doing it because time has run out on me. I feel deflated and unworthy of commenting because I didn't do the challenge. I would like to put that aside.. as in my case...
Any thoughts on this?
Probably you can see I am setting some new goals for myself and am hoping others will join me.
I am looking forward to hearing from you on this...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where is everyone?

I was just perusing one of my favorite blogs... Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. I have actually spent quite a bit of time there, looking at the names of those signed up, the work of those who do... and I am wondering... 'Where is everyone??'
We are nearing year 5... I have had a wonderful 4 years here, enjoyed the camaraderie, met some great people and enjoyed ART that would not have come my way otherwise. I love being able to post my work, look forward to the comments and learn from the comments on my work as well as that of others. Cynthia has done a great job! And I want to congratulate her...
We seem to be petering out... may that never be so... work posted seems to be less,the comments are fewer and the time frame extended, which defeats the purpose of the Group when it started. Some may not know... but when this group was started, it was to jump start creativity.. a quick and dirty, so to speak. I personally find that I look forward to this one exercise a month. I feel bad I have not been able to do them all... however, do not feel inclined to go backwards.. to them, that is...
What do you think??
Where are we headed?
Personally, I hope we are here to stay, and I hope we can re-energize ourselves to the level we used to be at. Many of us have had our quick FFFC work juried into shows, even sold...
Let's put our shoulder to the wheel and give it our college best!!
For what it is worth... I look forward to hearing your lively conversation...