Monday, September 6, 2010

Featured Artists: Global - Asian Influence

We're considering Global/cultural inspirations for Year 5 also. Asian influence in art is an example.

Japanese art, and Asian art in general, has a elegant, graceful, clean and concise look and feel that is recognizable as a style as well as a culture. This shows up in all forms of paintings, woodcut prints, Ikebana (flower arranging), Zen Calligraphy, even Origami

I've noticed quite a bit of Asian influence in our challenges...whether that is conscious or not, there's a elegant simplicity that is reminscent of Asian art.

Here are some elegant pieces by FFFC artists for recent challenges :
3 Fishes by Joni Feddersen for Challenge 43
Fan in the Grass by Sally Field for Challenge 35

Kanji by Joni Feddersen for Challenge 34

Untitled by Wendy Wetzler for Challenge 28

Approaching Storm by Jan Johnson for Challenge 31

Verticals by Tobi Hoffman for Challenge 25

Bend, Don't Break by Della for Challenge 36

Cherry Blossom by Lisa Albanese for Challenge 47

Pause by Madalene Murphy for Challenge 40

Chickadee Antics by Jan Johnson for Challenge 38

Sweet Honesty by Lisa Quintana for Challenge 40

The Mouse and the Radish by Cynthia Morgan for Challenge 38

Ode to a Pagoda by Janice Paine Dawes for Challenge 32

Songbirds by Della for Challenge 30

My Garden by Rhoda Forbes for Challenge 24

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