Friday, May 27, 2011

Fast Friday "pre-made" postings

I find that I am annoyed when someone posts a response to a Fast Friday challenge with a piece that had already been made. It doesn't matter whether I am actually planning to submit something myself, or just that someone else got in with the first posting. What bothers me is that it is not actually something made that was inspired by that challenge, however closely it seems to fit. We're not running a race to see who can post first; we are trying to delve into aspects of art that maybe not all of us are familiar with, to possibly branch out into a new area.

It may be that the current challenge is something quite familiar, fits right in with our style, whatever it may be, and all the elements fit together so that within a few days we have something new. For some challenges, we hit a complete block and can't get into it. All this is okay. And sometimes other events get in the way, and we make and post a response months later - even years later. That's fine.

But to post a previously completed project -- that is not a response to a challenge, as I see it.


  1. I agree Tobi, especially if it is a quilt we recently saw. Fast Friday is meant to expand our horizons and stretch our boundaries. In my opinion, it is better to post your challenge days or weeks late. This way we all know that you have put some thought into the process and not just posted a quilt for the thrill of it.

  2. Bravo! Lately, I have been Doing each piece, but not finishing it...I intend to post them as I finish. With all that's going on, I'm struggling but I view the journey the important part...not whether it gets done in the "time" allotted. Ordinarily I wouldn't do this, but I'm not over thinking, I'm not overworking nor am I making a masterpiece, I'm just having to overcome life.

    Having said that, the important part for me is to try something I haven't tried before, to keep in mind the elements of good design and try my hand at one of the different styles. Hopefully, I'll get my pieces posted soon. In one case, my piece will be a year late (the famous broken arm fungi challenge).
    Lisa Quintana

  3. Tobi I also agree, I don't mind people posting previous works to the Yahoo Group, maybe we could have a separate folder for those. Then they can be thought of as just another reference piece to a challenge, but I don't like them on the blog. Seems like it is cheating somehow. I know the temptation, I have had it myself - but so far have restrained myself and only placed works done for a challenge on the blog. Haven't finished any lately but that is a different story.