Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now What?

So... I have identified the why and what of a creative slump...
I am revved up, my jetts are hot, ideas are working overtime,
but I have housework to do, company coming and following on the heels of that, my house will be painted.. inside. How do you deal with that?
I try to jot a few notes and sketches in my journal.
Any secrets to putting it on hold and coming back to it?
Because, knowing me... it will all fizzle to an unrecognizable
blob by the time I get to 'work'.....


  1. Don't sweat it! The notes, jottings sketches will be worth it. Been there, so be encouraged! If it gets lost it probably wasn't as good as what you'll come up with later anyhow. I also find that just letting it fizz works...

  2. Well, I'm sort of going through that now since our home is for sale. I can't leave boxes, bins and baskets all over and I have to keep the covers over the fabric shelves. What a pain in the tusch...but to get around this, I have made up project baskets with fabrics and sketches. I even took one to McDonald's to get my furbabies an ice cream while they showed the house. It's easy for me to grab a basket and go without feeling like I have my creative hands tied behind my back.

  3. I think sketches and journaling will help a lot. How about also making some small fabric sandwiches and gathering some more portable supplies (such as paint sticks and embroidery floss) and putting it all together in a box? Then, when you have the time, you can at least keep creating, but on a smaller scale.

  4. I also have those kind of hiatuses, and I should take my own advice. As well as journaling or sketching, how about a time frame for a future project? If you have the steps all laid out, then when you do get the chance you can start on the next step. Something like "Iron fusible web on dark background fabric 12 by 18 inches" or "wind 3 bobbins in blues". Just small steps that make you feel like progress is being made...