Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another thought for FFFC year 5

Giving this a lot of thought, I am making another suggestion as a possiblity for our challenges,
that being something in the 'narrative'....


  1. This is not a comments its a cry for help and I hope you can.I am/was amamber os FFFC but when we moved house we aalso changed server, this has caused huge probs. and I cannot access FFFC e-mail etc. without my old server giving me prob.I now see the list is closed so does this mean I cannot re-jion using my new server?I'm not good with computers my new e-mail is could someone please contact me there re- re-joining. Sorry to put you to this trouble.

  2. Janette... I have posted to the FFFC and I think maybe Cynthia will contact you...I do see tho' that you are still a member so should be able to get into the Group.
    Can you view the FFFC blog by just typing in the address?