Friday, June 18, 2010

Where is everyone?

I was just perusing one of my favorite blogs... Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. I have actually spent quite a bit of time there, looking at the names of those signed up, the work of those who do... and I am wondering... 'Where is everyone??'
We are nearing year 5... I have had a wonderful 4 years here, enjoyed the camaraderie, met some great people and enjoyed ART that would not have come my way otherwise. I love being able to post my work, look forward to the comments and learn from the comments on my work as well as that of others. Cynthia has done a great job! And I want to congratulate her...
We seem to be petering out... may that never be so... work posted seems to be less,the comments are fewer and the time frame extended, which defeats the purpose of the Group when it started. Some may not know... but when this group was started, it was to jump start creativity.. a quick and dirty, so to speak. I personally find that I look forward to this one exercise a month. I feel bad I have not been able to do them all... however, do not feel inclined to go backwards.. to them, that is...
What do you think??
Where are we headed?
Personally, I hope we are here to stay, and I hope we can re-energize ourselves to the level we used to be at. Many of us have had our quick FFFC work juried into shows, even sold...
Let's put our shoulder to the wheel and give it our college best!!
For what it is worth... I look forward to hearing your lively conversation...


  1. I think I'm one of the culprits. Each month I feel inspired by the task and end up being over-ambitious. I have designs galore but little in the way of finished artwork.

    So, new leaf. Useful to have read about the original intentions. Will try the "quicjk and dirty" approach in future - it might help me get rid of some of my hangups, if nothing else!

  2. Hi Sandra...
    I fall into the same category so often...I was just saying yesterday to another group that I seem to want to find the difficult in everything, rather than just do it. I remember the whole idea was to work 'intuitively' and not let ourselves get bogged down in over thinking. It worked for me on my Chanterelles last month and I am keeping that as a goal for the upcoming challenges. I also think we all really looked forward to the comments on our pieces... and it is disappointing when they are few in coming. That, too, can be a damper on the spirit of the group. Sort of like... 'well, I guess no one likes my work, so why bother...'
    Thank you for your comments on this Sandy...

  3. I hear you Carole! I was just saying these very thoughts to my sister (Pat Havey).
    I have loved and looked forward to every challenge and the posted results since the inception, and have only missed two out of the 45 so far. I truly hope the recent lack of participation is not indication of death throes of our group :-(
    Do you have ideas / suggestions of ways to re-energize?
    I'm afraid some have been put off by difficulties joining the blog.
    Perhaps a periodic tutorial for signing in, especially for new members could be helpful.
    I am thinking maybe we need to post the original purpose of FFFC on the yahoo list so everyone understands and is comfortable. All need to know there is no pressure, just fun and learning opportunity :-)

  4. Guilty :-(
    Every month I eagerly await the new challenge, and then after reading it, get all excited and raring to go with ideas galore..and then somehow each month it has to *wait until later because....(fill in the blank)* and somehow the spark doesn't come back. I used to be one of the first ones to post my piece and now I haven't done one in months! And I miss it! So new goal for do it this month, no matter what!
    Also am guilty on the commenting, every month I go look at the work and think wow these are great, but haven't commented...maybe because I feel since I'm not doing one I shouldn't be? I'm not sure.
    I do still have my mushroom piece in mind and it keeps nudging me so hoping next week I can get that one done anyways. I have had a hard time this year, lots of problems and it has done a real job on my desire to work with fabric, so maybe if I just push myself to do ONE it will rekindle the flame :-D
    I love this group, love the challenges and the people and sure would hate for it to end.

  5. I, too, have felt a drop off in enthusiasm in the group and have been wondering where the group is going as far as goals, desires, and such. Some of it is just seasonal, I typically skip a few challenges in the spring due to work commitments and summer time has been a bit sketchy each year with vacations and more time outdoors. There is always more enthusiasm in the Fall when new members come on also.

    Or maybe it is the focused approach we took this year? Maybe the surprise element is lessened and it could be more exciting to be more random?

    Another thought is that some of us may have outgrown the challenge process and may want to move on, or concentrate on other work. Should there be another group to support the people that feel like they want to "graduate" from challenges but still want to be part of a creative group

  6. If it weren't for the challenges, I wouldn't get any quilting done. I have missed several due to travel, company, daughter's wedding, etc. The next couple of months I will be gone during the challenge week but hope to do them late. I, too, have noticed a decline in participation and hope it's not a sign of the group breaking up but just that everyone else has had a busier than normal life.

  7. That is an interesting thought Cynthia.. a 'graduation' so to speak. Sometimes I feel I would like to move on.. but on the other hand, there is just so much shared here, I feel part of a 'community' in this group that I don't in others. Mind you, I have been here since the beginning...
    I really feel that if we can do nothing else... we should at least comment on the pieces. And be interactive on the group digest. I am going to give serious thought to the post you just made on the blog, and I will comment again.

  8. Oh I'm glad I checked in today. Great conversation starter Carole. I'm a fairly new member of the group but I've wondered what happened, too. [However, I see this same drop off on the quiltart list so maybe it isn't just FFFC.]

    I'm not sure about a graduate group for a couple of reasons:

    #1does great work discourage a beginner or inspire them?

    #2 would splitting the group cause more or fewer comments?

    I know I asked Cynthia this question privately, but I'm going to ask it here : Has the list of non-participating artists just grown too large? Are those people even interested since they never post work or comment. One art group I belong to puts those people inactive and if they don't participate for a year they are no longer a member. Since we have a limited number of authors on the blog, that would make sense. So many of the newer people have trouble using the generic logon.

    I've enjoyed the group immensely and I give kudos to the challenges for helping me grow as an artist.

  9. Is this group open for new members?