Saturday, June 19, 2010

5th year FFFC

I have to say my most favorite of all was the 'series' we did in year 3.
And, I will go back to making more 'Moons'.
I commented on Cynthia's query about using the Challenge as a study or a skill enhancing effort. If we were to do something like that... how about with an end view goal in mind... such as for the August challenge, we each make something using the 'benefits' of the years challenges in, say, a predetermined size.. which we would then put up in show form like the QA15?
Is that too ambitious?


  1. The main thing I've gotten out of FFFC is the push to get something together in a short time. I joined almost at the beginning, and #2 was my first challenge, Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky" which had always been a favorite with me. I like a challenge theme, with technique, color schemes and compositional elements a less important factor, although I must admit I've learned from those aspects of the challenges.

  2. Tobi... your comment is so what this is all about. [I didn't do Jabberwocky 'cause I din't like it... sorry..:(] The doing something quick. That is what I most appreciate as well... and the comments that follow to supporet or enchance..
    Do you feel the 'comments' help you in any way?
    I am wondering if some think the critiquing is like a 'class' rather than just a further step to the thinking process.. after all... it is quick.
    I will look forward to your comments on that thought...